Scream Queen
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Current Exhibition:

“Kentucky Fried Pop-Up,” Maiden LA
September 1-20

Upcoming Exhibitions:

“Seven Wonders,”
Other Places Art Fair

“El espejo de la bruja,”

Past Exhibitions:

︎ “Scream Queen,”
Little Tokyo Art Complex

︎ “Out of the Closet,
Into the Internet”

“Out of the Closet, Into the Internet”

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Following the cancellation of 2020 Gay Pride events, “Out of the Closet, Into the Internet” brings celebration at the click of a download. The artists’ work will be accessible through a shared Google Drive folder - that can be viewed, reprinted, and displayed from the safety of one’s home. This process is not meant to confine Pride to a private space, but use social media as the blurring point between public and private life. Viewers can print and mount the work in any location, allowing for a personal invitation into the work.

It is very important that these artists came of age during the internet. Their work employs text, self-representation, social media, and different mediums. COVID-19 canceled Pride, but the Internet can bolster access to identity and belonging.

José Ángel
Serene Blumenthal
John DeCastro
Milicent Fambrough
Andres Flores
Jordan Fobbs
Sandra Gutierrez
Erick Guzman
Megan Koth
Desmond Morrison
Juan Manuel Silverio
Juan Velasquez
Ismael Villanueva
Jackie Xu